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1" Cello Tape Big Roll

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Namaste Suppliers

Namaste Suppliers

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Size1 inch


  • Cello tape is a transparent adhesive tape used for various purposes, such as sticking materials together, sealing packages, and mending torn items.
  • It typically consists of a thin strip of transparent or translucent plastic coated with an adhesive on one side.
  • Cello tape is widely used in offices, households, and various industries for its convenience and versatility in adhering materials securely while remaining easily visible due to its transparency.

About Supplier

Namaste Suppliers, founded in 2073 at Pokhara-15 Phalepatan, stands as a reputable entity specializing in the manufacturing of Perfect Copies. We are an authorized dealer for renowned brands such as Doms, Cello, Renko, Binayak Sports, and more. With a commitment to quality and excellence, Namaste Suppliers has carved a niche for itself in the market, delivering top-notch products to its customers.

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