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1 deck 1 Tray Gas Oven

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Chhapadiya Traders

Chhapadiya Traders

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Product Highlights

No of Tray1


  • Each deck can be controlled independently, can be used at the same time, also can be used individually.
  • The top and bottom heater of each deck can be controlled separately.
  • With a timing alarm device, it will turn off the electricity or gas value automatically, safe and reliable.
  • Using advanced heat preservation material to minimize energy consumption.
  • Tempered glass windows, it can view the baking condition in real time.

About Supplier

Chhapadiya Traders is not merely a supplier but a trailblazer in the realm of Refrigeration and Bakery Machinery. Our identity is rooted in a profound dedication to excellence and innovation, positioning us as an industry pioneer. At the heart of our existence is a customer-centric ethos, where every action is geared towards ensuring unparalleled satisfaction. Our commitment to quality is mirrored not only in the superior products and services we deliver but also in the aesthetic excellence we bring to the forefront through a carefully crafted theme. The responsive and knowledgeable support team stands as a testament to our commitment, swiftly addressing challenges and providing transparent solutions, enabling clients to seamlessly replicate from development to production environments. Chhapadiya Traders is more than a supplier; it is an empowering force for businesses, offering versatile solutions across refrigeration and bakery sectors. Choosing us guarantees a transformative experience where innovation converges with customer satisfaction, defining the essence of who we are.

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