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Chauthe Poudel Agro Suppliers

Chauthe Poudel Agro Suppliers

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Product Highlights
Brand NameCalmix-B Plus
CompositionCalcium, Boron, Copper and Sulphur
ManufacturerNepal Mineral and Fertilizer Industries Pvt. Ltd
  • CALCIUM-BORON Plus, a targeted foliar formulation, addresses deficiencies in vital nutrients like Calcium, Boron, Copper, and Sulphur, recommended for crops such as tomato, potato, oilseeds, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, radish, ginger, cardamom, brinjal, cucurbits, apple, mango, banana, papaya, and tea.
  • The recommended application involves a dosage of 2 ml per liter of water, adjustable based on the severity of deficiencies in Calcium, Copper, Boron, and Sulfur, ensuring efficient nutrient absorption and correction of deficient states.
  • MICRO CALMIX-B Plus boasts a balanced nutrient content with 15% Calcium, 4% Boron, 1% Copper, and 0.5% Sulfur, offering a comprehensive solution to enhance the health and productivity of diverse crops.
About the Seller
With a focus on quality and innovation, we offer a diverse range of agricultural products tailored to meet the needs of farmers and agro-based industries. Our commitment to excellence in production ensures top-notch products designed to enhance agricultural practices and contribute to the growth of the farming in community and growth of agricultural Sector.

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