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Cholecalciferol Chewable Tablets

Min. Order: 20 Unit
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Asia Pharma Link Pvt. Ltd.

Asia Pharma Link Pvt. Ltd.

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Product Highlights
ManufacturerPharmonics Life Science Pvt.Ltd
Packaging TypeStrips
Brand NameRay D3 60K
  • Cholecalciferol chewable tablets contain vitamin D3, a critical nutrient essential for maintaining bone health and supporting various physiological functions.
  • These tablets are commonly prescribed to prevent or treat vitamin D deficiencies, which can lead to conditions like osteoporosis or rickets.
  • Indicated for individuals with inadequate sun exposure, limited dietary sources of vitamin D, or conditions affecting its absorption, these chewable tablets offer a convenient supplementation method.
  • The specific dosage is determined by healthcare providers based on individual needs and the severity of the deficiency.
  • While generally safe when taken as directed, excessive intake may lead to side effects, emphasizing the importance of adhering to prescribed dosages.
About the Seller
Asia Pharma Link committed to bridging healthcare gaps and plays a vital role in distributing medical and surgical items to various locations across Nepal. With a focus on ensuring widespread access to quality healthcare, the company serves as a crucial link in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Whether catering to healthcare professionals or meeting the needs of consumers, Asia Pharma Link takes pride in its role as a reliable source of essential medicines. With a broad distribution network, the company extends its reach to different regions of Nepal, contributing significantly to the nation's healthcare landscape.

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