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Copper Kuber Kachua Tauli

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Saraswoti Stores

Saraswoti Stores

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  • Copper Kuber Kachua Yantra: A sacred talisman made of copper.
  • Tortoise Symbol: Resembles a tortoise or turtle.
  • Lord Kuber Association: Linked to Lord Kuber, the deity of wealth and prosperity.
  • Longevity and Protection: Represents longevity and protection from negative energies.
  • Wealth Attraction: Placing it in a space is believed to attract financial abundance.
  • Vastu Usage: Used in Vastu rituals to enhance positive energy flow.
  • Harmony and Prosperity: Sought after for bringing financial stability and harmony into one's life.

About Supplier

Saraswoti Stores, founded in 2071 BS in Pokhara, is well-known in the wholesale market for kitchen products. We specialize in various kitchen items and plastic goods, offering quality products at competitive prices. We serve both local businesses and households, making sure people in Pokhara can easily find kitchen and plastic items they need. We commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made them a go-to place for kitchenware and plastic essentials in the region.

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