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Aisa Medisales

Aisa Medisales

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Product Highlights
ApplicationMedical And Personal Use
SizeAll Sizes
  • A collection of single-use protective items designed for various hazard-prone settings.
  • Typically includes disposable gowns, gloves, masks, and shoe covers among other protective gear.
  • Intended for one-time use and subsequent safe disposal after use to prevent contamination.
  • Acts as a barrier between the wearer and potential infectious agents, contaminants, or hazards in the environment.
  • Widely utilized in healthcare, laboratories, cleanrooms, and industries to mitigate exposure to biological, chemical, or physical hazards.
About the Seller
With a commitment to healthcare excellence, Aisa Medisales has swiftly become a trusted vendor in the industry. Our comprehensive product range ensures pharmacies and hospitals have access to a diverse array of quality pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. Known for reliability and efficiency, Aisa Medisales plays a pivotal role in supporting the healthcare infrastructure by providing timely and essential supplies, contributing to the well-being of communities served.