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Dong Cheng Belt Sander DST610

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Gautam Machinery Tools

Gautam Machinery Tools

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Product Highlights

Belt Speed500m/min
Belt Size100x610mm
Net Weight5.8kg
Rated Power Input1200W


  • The Dong Cheng Belt Sander DST610 is a powerful sanding tool with a rated power input of 1200W, designed for efficient and effective sanding operations.
  • Operating at a belt speed of 500m/min, this belt sander offers high-speed sanding capabilities, making it suitable for larger area sanding tasks.
  • The belt size of 100x610mm provides ample coverage and versatility for various sanding applications.
  • Weighing 5.8kg, the belt sander is robust and well-balanced, ensuring stability and control during sanding operations.
  • The inclusion of a dust bag design enhances user convenience, effectively collecting dust and debris during sanding for a cleaner working environment.
  • Suitable for larger area sanding operations, the Dong Cheng Belt Sander DST610 is a reliable choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
  • The package includes essential accessories such as an abrasive belt (AP80), dust bag assembly, carbon brush, and color box packing, providing users with the necessary tools for a comprehensive and efficient sanding experience.

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Specializing in tools for industrial, construction, agriculture, and household applications, our extensive inventory caters to a diverse clientele. Whether for retail or wholesale needs, we offer a comprehensive selection of machinery and tools at competitive rates. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Gautam Machinery and Tools is your trusted partner for acquiring a wide array of tools essential for various sectors, contributing to the growth and efficiency of businesses and households alike.

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