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Dong Cheng Magnetic Drill DJC02-30

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Gautam Machinery Tools

Gautam Machinery Tools

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Product Highlights

Net Weight12.0kg
Rated Power Inupt900W
Max. Drilling CapacityTwist Drill Bit: Φ13mm, Core Drill Bit: Φ30mm
No-load Speed450r/min
Max. Stroke140mm


  • The Dong Cheng Magnetic Drill DJC02-30 is a versatile and powerful tool with a 900W rated power input, designed for efficient drilling in various applications.
  • With a maximum drilling capacity of Φ13mm for twist drill bits and Φ30mm for core drill bits, it offers flexibility for different drilling needs.
  • The magnetism feature provides a powerful 11500N force, ensuring stability during operation.
  • Operating at a no-load speed of 450r/min and a max stroke of 140mm, the magnetic drill delivers reliable and precise drilling performance.
  • The drill has two functions, supporting both core drill and twist drill operations, making it suitable for a range of tasks.
  • It features fuse overload protection, enhancing safety during use.
  • The comprehensive package includes essential accessories such as a core drill bit (22mm), core drill bit joint assembly, safety belt, open-end wrench, double open-end wrench, hex wrench (2pcs), chuck wrench, drill chuck, protecting set, fuse, oiler assembly, carbon brush, all neatly packed in a plastic case.

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Specializing in tools for industrial, construction, agriculture, and household applications, our extensive inventory caters to a diverse clientele. Whether for retail or wholesale needs, we offer a comprehensive selection of machinery and tools at competitive rates. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Gautam Machinery and Tools is your trusted partner for acquiring a wide array of tools essential for various sectors, contributing to the growth and efficiency of businesses and households alike.

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