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Gauge Blocks | ML-029

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Product Highlights

Item Depth355 inches
Inside Depth25 inches
Thickness355 inches
Item Volume38 cubic inches
Weight35 Pounds
Length05 – 0.95 inches
Number of Items81


  • Gauge blocks are vital for Measurement and Instrumentation Labs, Metrology Labs, and Mechanical Engineering setups.
  • Crafted from high-carbon, high-chrome steel for durability and wear-resistance.
  • Grade 0 blocks come with ASME B89.1.9 certification for precision.
  • Laser-etched characters denote nominal lengths, with unique identification numbers for traceability.
  • Rectangular blocks facilitate accurate wringing, with dimensions of 0.355 inches thickness and 1.81 inches width.
  • Set includes 81 items, weighing 35 pounds, tailored for inch measurement systems.

About Supplier

Founded in 2073 in Butwal, Foresight Techno Traders and Suppliers Pvt. Ltd. specializes in engineering equipment, construction materials, and services. Our expertise includes prestressing services for bridges, survey equipment, safety gear, and laboratory instruments. With a dedicated team of professionals, we're a trusted partner for engineering needs. We offer prompt after-sales support and accredited mechanical calibration services. Our quality control instruments adhere to rigorous standards for material testing, covering soil, concrete, rock, bitumen, cement, and steel. We also provide consulting, environmental studies, hydropower services, structural engineering, and safety gear for hiking and adventure activities.

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