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Guras Flex Printer

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Gurans Arts

Gurans Arts

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Product Highlights

Print Colour6
Printer HeadXp600
Printing Speed18m3/hr
Print InkEco Solvent
Printer Size5ft


  • The 5ft Flex Printer combines efficiency and quality with six print colors, an Xp600 printer head, and a rapid printing speed of 18m³/hr.
  • Using eco-solvent ink, it ensures vibrant and durable prints.
  • With a remarkable resolution of 1440dpi, the printer excels in producing high-quality and detailed output for a range of applications.
  • Whether for signage, banners, or other flexible materials, this printer offers precision and versatility.
  • Its advanced features make it a reliable choice for businesses seeking a powerful solution for their printing needs, blending speed and resolution to meet the demands of various professional applications.

About Supplier

It is established With a commitment to quality and excellence, Guras Arts has become a trusted supplier in Nepal's industrial. The company's extensive inventory caters to diverse needs, From household machinery to industrial and construction related machinery.we ensure by providing cutting-edge solutions for various sectors. Leveraging their strategic location in Pokhara, Guras Arts efficiently delivers machinery items and CNC machines across Nepal, contributing significantly to the country's industrial growth. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and a wide product range positions them as a reliable partner in the machinery supply market.

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