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Hillstar 02 White Goldstar Boots for Women

Min. Order: 10 Unit
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Ranjit Shoe Center

Ranjit Shoe Center

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Product Highlights
MaterialSynthetic Leather
BrandGoldstar Classic
  • Ultralight
  • Always Classic
  • Never out of style
  • Dress in the timeless Hillstar 02 Goldstar Boots to impress
  • Made of synthetic leather, the Goldstar Boots are simple to style and will go for ages
About the Seller
Ranjit Shoe Center, a leading manufacturer of Metro footwear and Goldstar Classic dealer, takes pride in crafting diverse, high-quality options with a focus on comfort and durability. Contributing to Nepal's footwear industry through local production, the center is a reputable choice for customers seeking stylish and reliable products.

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