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Microchelazinc Technical (Chelated Zinc)

Min. Order: 30 Unit
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Chauthe Poudel Agro Suppliers

Chauthe Poudel Agro Suppliers

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Product Highlights
ManufacturerNepal Mineral and Fertilizer Industries Pvt. Ltd
Brand NameMicrochelazinc
  • MICROCHELAZINC is a technical-grade chelated zinc fertilizer with a minimum zinc content of 12% as Zn-EDTA.
  • For foliar spray, 50 gm of Zinc (Technical) is dissolved in 50 liters of water and applied to 0.2 Acre of standing crops, with dosage adjustments based on zinc deficiency severity.
  • Soil application involves mixing 250 gm of MICROCHELAZINC with 5 kg of soil or compost fertilizer, to be applied before or after seed sowing.
  • This product provides an effective solution for addressing zinc deficiencies, supporting healthy plant growth and development.
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With a focus on quality and innovation, we offer a diverse range of agricultural products tailored to meet the needs of farmers and agro-based industries. Our commitment to excellence in production ensures top-notch products designed to enhance agricultural practices and contribute to the growth of the farming in community and growth of agricultural Sector.

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