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Mig (Metal Inert Gas) Welding Machine

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Bhanu Machinery Suppliers

Bhanu Machinery Suppliers

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Product Highlights

TypeWelding Machine
Capacity250/ 300 AMP


  • Wire-fed Welding: Uses a continuously fed wire electrode for welding, facilitated by an electric arc created between the welding gun and the workpiece.
  • Inert Gas Shielding: Utilizes inert gas (such as argon or a gas mixture) to shield the weld pool and prevent atmospheric contamination during the welding process.
  • Versatile and Easy-to-Use: Known for its versatility in welding various metals and thicknesses and appreciated for its user-friendly operation.
  • Common Applications: Widely used in automotive repairs, fabrication, construction, and metalworking industries due to its efficiency and ability to produce high-quality welds at a relatively faster pace.

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Bhanu Machinery is dedicated to supplying a diverse range of machinery items. From household appliances to agricultural equipment and business tools to industrial machinery, the vendor caters to a broad spectrum of customer needs. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Bhanu Machinery has become a trusted source for reliable and efficient machinery solutions. The comprehensive product range, coupled with a reputation for excellence, positions us as a reliable partner for individuals, businesses, and industries seeking top-notch machinery for various applications.

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