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Palpasa Traders

Palpasa Traders

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Product Highlights
Production CapacityUpto 100 Liter/hr
Booster Pump Voltage24 V DC
Power Consumption150 W
Installation TypeFloor Standing
Membrane Type300 GDP TFC Membrane- 2nos
Purification Stages6
  • The Neo 100 LPH RO + UV Commercial Water Purifier ensures top-notch water quality with its 6-stage purification process and double protection of RO+UV technology.
  • Tailored for institutions, offices, and schools, it boasts a robust production capacity of up to 100 liters per hour.
  • The purifier features a durable closed-body stainless steel frame, enhancing its overall strength and reliability.
  • Designed for convenience, it comes in a floor-standing installation type.
  • The booster pump operates at 24 V DC, ensuring efficient water purification.
  • With a minimum inlet pressure of 1.5 KG and a maximum of 2 KG, it adapts to various water supply conditions.
  • The power consumption is 150 W, striking a balance between performance and energy efficiency.
  • Technical specifications include a 24V DC output SMPS, 220V AC mains, and a membrane type of 300 GDP TFC Membrane- 2nos.
  • Offering a TDS reduction of 90-95%, it adheres to high water quality standards.
  • The purifier's gross weight is 35 Kgs, and its dimensions are 22" L x 12" B x 34" H, making it a substantial yet space-efficient solution for water purification needs.
About the Seller
Palpasa Traders stands as a distinguished importer, specializing in a diverse range of materials including tools, machinery, clothing, agricultural items, and electronics. With a rich legacy of reliability and excellence, we source high-quality products globally, catering to various industries and consumer needs. Our commitment to quality is unparalleled, ensuring that every item we import meets stringent standards and regulations. At Palpasa Traders, our mission is to provide top-notch products at competitive prices, fostering lasting relationships with our clients. Our strategic location in Pokhara-27, Talchowk, allows us to serve as a central hub for businesses and consumers, offering a wide range of options to meet various needs. Palpasa Traders ensures that every product meets stringent standards, ensuring both durability and reliability.

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