Yarsa Bazar
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Reshunga Kastha Udhyog Pvt. Ltd

Reshunga Kastha Udhyog Pvt. Ltd

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Product Highlights
  • Elevate your home with our Half Net and Half Plain Brown Door in Kalas design today.
  • The rich brown color exudes warmth and sophistication, complementing your home decor effortlessly.
  • Whether it's your main entrance or a room divider, this door adds character and versatility to your space.
  • This unique door seamlessly combines the classic elegance of a plain wooden door with the practicality of a netted half, allowing you to enjoy fresh air and sunlight without compromising on privacy.
About the Seller
With a wide range of furniture offerings, from classic to contemporary, we cater to diverse tastes and needs. At Reshunga, we combine traditional woodworking techniques with modern innovation to create furniture that reflects elegance and functionality. Explore our collections and bring the charm of Pokhara into your living spaces with Reshunga Kastha Udhyog.

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