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Agroplast and Paper Pvt. Ltd.

Agroplast and Paper Pvt. Ltd.

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  • Mipatex Shade Nets are warp knitted fabric made from HDPE material with a UV stabilizer and other additives to ensure the shade net's long life. These nets are designed to protect the plants from UV rays and excessive heat.
  • Shade nets act as climate controllers, stabilizers, and a protective shield against dust, wind, birds, and insects.
  • Available in 50, 75, and 90-percentage shading.
  • Protects plants from wind, rain, sun, and snow.
  • Reduce evaporation.
  • Reduce sunborn.
  • Work as windbreaker.
  • Protects plants against pests.
  • Maximizes yield.
  • Maintain humidity.
  • Can be use as fencing.
  • Mipatex shade nets come with shade percentages- 50%, 75%, and 90%.
  • These percentages will determine how much that particular shade net will cut down the percent of light intensity.
  • For example, a shade net with a 50% factor will cut down 50% of light intensity, and so on.

About Supplier

Agroplast and Paper Pvt. Ltd. is an importer and distributor in hi-tech agriculture in Nepal. Agroplast has introduced Mipatex, an extensive range of innovative products for farming, manufactured by MIPA Industries to improve farm productivity and quality to increase farm income. Our mission is to serve the agriculture industry by delivering quality products at the best price and providing convenient, economical, and readily available products to our customers. We are supplying Tarpaulin, Mulch Film, Shade Nets, Drip Irrigation Pipes, Biofloc Tank, HDPE Geomembrane, Vermi Bed, Grow Bags, and other Agriplastic products required in agriculture. Supported by our manufacturer MIPA Industries, we are one of the largest and trusted agriplastic product suppliers in Nepal.in short summery of 50 words

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