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Asia Pharma Link Pvt. Ltd.

Asia Pharma Link Pvt. Ltd.

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Product Highlights
ManufacturerPanas Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
Brand NameSPATIZ
  • SPATIZ 2MG/4MG TABLETS form, is a muscle relaxant prescribed to alleviate muscle spasms and increased muscle tone associated with conditions like multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injuries.
  • By inhibiting nerve signals, it helps reduce muscle contractions.
  • Dosages may be adjusted based on individual response and tolerability.
  • It's crucial to follow healthcare provider instructions, especially regarding potential interactions with other medications, and to report any adverse effects.
  • This medication may cause drowsiness, so caution should be exercised when driving or performing tasks requiring alertness. Regular check-ups are recommended for optimal management.
About the Seller
Asia Pharma Link committed to bridging healthcare gaps and plays a vital role in distributing medical and surgical items to various locations across Nepal. With a focus on ensuring widespread access to quality healthcare, the company serves as a crucial link in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Whether catering to healthcare professionals or meeting the needs of consumers, Asia Pharma Link takes pride in its role as a reliable source of essential medicines. With a broad distribution network, the company extends its reach to different regions of Nepal, contributing significantly to the nation's healthcare landscape.

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