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Unison Pruning Saw

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Udham Chautari Pvt. Ltd.

Udham Chautari Pvt. Ltd.

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Product Highlights

Weight100- 200 gm
FeatureEasy to fit, Light Weight
MaterialMild Steel


  • Unison Pruning Saw (Model 1065) with Folding Handle.
  • Weight: 100-200 grams, ensuring easy handling during pruning tasks.
  • Feature: Easy to fit and lightweight design for user convenience.
  • Material: Made from durable mild steel for longevity and efficient cutting.
  • Color: Silver and green, providing a visually appealing and easily identifiable tool.
  • Application: Specifically designed for pruning trees, offering precision and ease of use.

About Supplier

Udham Chautari Pvt. Ltd, situated in Pokhara-7, Mustang Chowk, Nepal, is a leading agricultural solutions provider with branches in Butwal and Putalibazar. Specializing in greenhouse construction, the company offers a diverse range of agricultural materials, equipment, and modern tools, including irrigation solutions, machinery, and nursery supplies. Emphasizing Integrated Pest Management techniques, Udham Chautari also provides fertilizers, organic products, and biocontrol agents, contributing to sustainable farming practices. Committed to the development of Nepal's agricultural sector, the company not only offers a comprehensive product range but also imparts expertise in modern agricultural techniques, fostering a brighter future for farmers.

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