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Eco Culture Pvt. Ltd

Eco Culture Pvt. Ltd

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Product Highlights
Capacity50 Kg
  • Vertical planting frame with five Shelve is a gardening or decorative structure designed for planting. This setup is an attractive and space-efficient way to display a variety of plants, flowers, or herbs in a limited space.
  • This planting frame can be customized to suit different styles and settings, from rustic to modern, depending on the choice of materials and plant varieties.
  • Vertical planting frame is its space-saving design. It makes use of vertical space on walls or fences, ideal for small gardens or limited outdoor areas.
  • Gardeners can easily update with different plants or seasonal displays to keep their outdoor space looking fresh and vibrant throughout the year.
About the Seller
Eco Culture is a company that provides innovative agro-based vertical farm structures and setups for those who are passionate about sustainable agriculture and want to grow crops indoors in an environmentally friendly manner. Vertical farming involves stacking multiple tiers of hydroponic or soil-based growing trays to create an efficient, space-saving growing environment. This system provides the ideal conditions for plants to grow, which results in healthier and higher yielding crops.Eco Culture's vertical farm structures and setups are designed to be highly efficient and sustainable, reducing the amount of water, energy, and other resources used to grow crops. They use the latest technologies to create a controlled environment, such as LED lights that mimic sunlight, advanced irrigation systems that conserve water, and ventilation systems that regulate temperature and humidity. The company also offers custom designed solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that the vertical farm is optimized for maximum crop yields.Eco Culture’s vertical farm structures and setups are designed to be easily assembled, so they can be set up quickly and with minimal disruption. The structures are also highly versatile, allowing growers to choose from a range of different crops, including leafy greens, herbs, fruits and vegetables. This means that a vertical farm can be used to grow a variety of different crops all year round, regardless of the weather conditions outside.In addition to providing vertical farm structures and setups, Eco Culture also offers training and support services to help growers get started with their new farm. This includes training in the use of the equipment and systems, as well as ongoing support and advice on the best growing practices. The company is dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture and helping growers to produce high-quality, locally grown crops that are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.In conclusion, Eco Culture’s agro-based vertical farm structures and setups provide a unique solution for those who are passionate about sustainable agriculture and want to grow their own crops indoors. With their focus on efficiency, sustainability, and versatility, these structures and setups are the ideal choice for anyone looking to start their own vertical farm. Whether you are an experienced grower or a beginner, Eco Culture is here to help you achieve your goals and grow healthy, delicious crops that are good for you and the environment.

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