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Shivaji Suppliers

Shivaji Suppliers

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Product Highlights
Power SourceElectricity
Temperature Range110° C-250 ° C
Timer and Alarm60 min
Capacity32 L
  • Yasuda OTG Oven 32 L: A versatile oven with a 32-liter capacity.
  • Power: 1600W: Provides ample cooking power for various dishes.
  • Galvanized Stainless Steel Cavity: Ensures durability and even heating.
  • Rotisserie Function: Perfect for roasting meats to perfection.
  • Convection Function: Ensures even baking and crisping.
  • Tempered Glass Window with Cool Touch Handle: Allows safe monitoring of your cooking.
  • 60 Min Timer with Bell Ring: Keeps you informed about your cooking progress.
  • Adjustable Temperature Selector (110°C-250°C): Tailor the heat for different recipes.
  • Cooking Status Lamp: Provides a clear view of your dishes while they cook.
  • Accessories: Includes bake tray, wire rack, tray handle, and crumb tray for convenience.
  • Multiple Cooking Functions: Toast, bake, and broil for a variety of culinary options.
  • Power Indicator Light: Indicates when the oven is in operation.
About the Seller
Specializing in the supply, repair and maintenance of freezers, refrigerators, rice cookers, air conditioners, lifting motors, water pumps, grinders, and an extensive range of electric and electronic materials. Shivaji Suppliers prides itself on unmatched expertise. With a reputation for reliability and efficiency, we become a go-to destination for quality appliance solutions. Our skilled technicians, equipped with profound knowledge, ensure prompt and effective repairs, earning the trust of the community. Located in a strategic location we continues to excel in providing top-notch services in the local electronic supplies sector.

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