Computerized Francis Turbine Trainer

Steam Turbine Test Rig
Minimum Order: 5 units

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Foresight Techno Traders and Suppliers Pvt. Ltd.
Foresight Techno Traders and Suppliers Pvt. Ltd.
Product Highlights
Mechanical powerApprox. 1,4kW at 1500min-1
Rotor, D165mm, 8 blades
Measuring ranges Temperature0…100°C
Flow rate0…1000L/min
Weightapprox. 580kg
Hydraulic power2,1kW at 1500min-1
  • The “SUN LAB TECH” designed and developed closed water circuit consists of a tank with optional cooling, a centrifugal pump and a flow control valve for adjusting the inlet pressure.
  • The transparent operating area of the turbine enables an optimal view of water flow, rotor and guide vanes during operation.
  • By adjusting the guide vanes the angle of attack, the cross-section and thus the output of the turbine are changed.
  • An asynchronous machine is used as a generator for loading the turbine.
  • A pump with variable speed via frequency converter provides for an energy efficient operation.
  • The speed of the turbine is recorded by means of an inductive, non-contact position sensor at the generator shaft.
  • The generator is equipped with a pendulum bearing and with a force sensor to determine the torque.
  • The pressures at the inlet and outlet of the turbine, the temperature and the flow rate are recorded by sensors.
  • The measured values are displayed digitally and can be processed further on a PC.


  • Investigation of the conversion of hydraulic into mechanical energy
  • Determination of the mechanical power and hydraulic power of the turbine
  • Determination of efficiency
  • Recording of characteristic curves
  • Investigation of the influence of the guide vane position
  • Velocity triangles
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Founded in 2073 in Butwal, Foresight Techno Traders and Suppliers Pvt. Ltd. specializes in engineering equipment, construction materials, and services. Our expertise includes prestressing services for bridges, survey equipment, safety gear, and laboratory instruments. With a dedicated team of professionals, we're a trusted partner for engineering needs. We offer prompt after-sales support and accredited mechanical calibration services. Our quality control instruments adhere to rigorous standards for material testing, covering soil, concrete, rock, bitumen, cement, and steel. We also provide consulting, environmental studies, hydropower services, structural engineering, and safety gear for hiking and adventure activities.
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Min Order: 5 units

Foresight Techno Traders and Suppliers Pvt. Ltd.Foresight Techno Traders and Suppliers Pvt. Ltd.

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