FTS 300 Total station ( Made In Germany )

Land Surveyors
Minimum Order: 30 units

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Foresight Techno Traders and Suppliers Pvt. Ltd.
Foresight Techno Traders and Suppliers Pvt. Ltd.
Product Highlights
Temperature Range-20°C to 55°C
Dust / water protectionIP 56
Laser class2
Extended Size190 x 210 x 350 mm
Operating Time2 x 6 h
Visible Laser Beam± 1.5 mm / 1.5 m
Accuracy+/- 2mm + 2ppm (working range), 2" (angle measurement)

Product information "FTS 300"

The geo-FENNEL Total station FTS 300 is an innovative solution with reflectorless distance measuring module with a range of over 600 m (with reflector up to over 5,000 m). Equipped with an electronic bubble level, FTS 300 offers an exceptionally powerful, cost-effective solution for a wide range of general and specialised applications in construction and engineering.

Integrated and comprehensive software package

Choice of applications

  • Construction & engineering surveying
  • Stake-out
  • Point-to-line
  • Height determination
  • Free stationing
  • Indirect height measurement
  • Roads
  • Area determination
  • Right-angle coordinates, polar coordinatesPoint-to-point


  • Easy-to-use on-board software
  • Easy to read display also by direct sunlight
  • Fast import and export of different data formats without an additional software
  • Fast and accurate measurements
  • Intensity of the laser plummet can be changed gradually
  • Compact and smart design

Properties: "FTS 300"

Laser class:2. Dust / water protection:IP 56. Extended size:190 x 210 x 350 mm. Temperature range:-20°C to 55°C. Operating time:2 x 6 h. Visible laser beam:± 1.5 mm / 1.5 m. Accuracy:+/- 2mm + 2ppm (working range), 2" (angle measurement). Working range:1,5 - 600 m (Reflective tape target), 1,5 - 600 m (Reflectorless), 1,5 - 5000 m (Single standard prism). Resolving Power:3". Field of View:1°30'. Power supply:NiMH. Plate level:30" / 2 mmRange:± 3°Axis:2Angle units:100 % / 360° / 400 gonMinimum reading resolution:1'' / 5''Image:ErectShortest focussing distance:1,5 m. Telescope magnification:30 x. Objective diameter:45 mm. Circular bubble:8' / 2 mm. Weight:6,5 kg

Included in scope delivery:

  • Charger
  • NimH Akku
  • Data Cable
  • Container
About the Seller
Founded in 2073 in Butwal, Foresight Techno Traders and Suppliers Pvt. Ltd. specializes in engineering equipment, construction materials, and services. Our expertise includes prestressing services for bridges, survey equipment, safety gear, and laboratory instruments. With a dedicated team of professionals, we're a trusted partner for engineering needs. We offer prompt after-sales support and accredited mechanical calibration services. Our quality control instruments adhere to rigorous standards for material testing, covering soil, concrete, rock, bitumen, cement, and steel. We also provide consulting, environmental studies, hydropower services, structural engineering, and safety gear for hiking and adventure activities.
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