Gurans CNC Channel Bending Machine

CNC Bending Machine
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Gurans Arts
Gurans Arts
Product Highlights
PowerInput voltage - 220V 50Hz 500KW.
MaterialFlat Aluminum
Type of Channel LetterFlat Aluminum Letter/Super Liquid Acrylic Letter
Performance0.6 mm Material Thickness
Feeding AccuracyLength + 0.1mm
Control SystemFour-axis motion control card.
Air Pressure.6-0.8Mpa
Air Pressure0.6-0.8Mpa.
  • Gurans CNC Channel Bending Machine offers high flexibility and quick setup times for bending single pieces or small batches with precision and efficiency.
  • Its modular construction allows for easy adjustment and tool exchange, providing a cost-effective entry into bending technology.
  • The basic machine includes a CNC-operated side stop, workbench, and customizable software, supporting later extensions without major conversions.
  • Bending tools are classified based on the type of bends, with CNC machines ensuring high accuracy from the first workpiece without the need for a reference part.
  • Optimized for flat aluminum, the machine caters to various channel letter types, including flat aluminum letters and super liquid acrylic letters.
  • Features include a rolling continuous feeding mechanism, planner tool slotting system, and a double-axis coupling bending system.
  • Equipped with a two-phase stepper motor, the compact machine weighs 50 KG and has dimensions of L1360 W510 H780mm.
  • It handles material thicknesses of 0.6mm and supports flat aluminum (20-100mm) with a bending radius greater than 10mm.
  • Supported by a four-axis motion control card and an auto-drive bending system, the software ensures efficient and accurate operations.
  • The machine operates on 220V at 50Hz with a power consumption of 500KW, and it requires an air pressure of 0.6-0.8Mpa for optimal performance.
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It is established With a commitment to quality and excellence, Guras Arts has become a trusted supplier in Nepal's industrial. The company's extensive inventory caters to diverse needs, From household machinery to industrial and construction related machinery.we ensure by providing cutting-edge solutions for various sectors. Leveraging their strategic location in Pokhara, Guras Arts efficiently delivers machinery items and CNC machines across Nepal, contributing significantly to the country's industrial growth. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and a wide product range positions them as a reliable partner in the machinery supply market.
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