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Aisa Medisales
Aisa Medisales
Product Highlights
Packaging TypeSterile
TypePlain Drapes
ColorMedical Blue
  • High-Quality Fabrics: Crafted using premium materials to ensure durability and effectiveness.
  • Maximum Protection and Comfort: Designed to provide both protection and comfort to the wearer or patient.
  • Excellent Drapeability: Allows for easy and effective placement during procedures.
  • Fluid Resistance: Prevents any fluid from passing through the drape in the operating area, maintaining a sterile environment.
  • Low Fabric Fiber Transfer: Minimizes the transfer of fabric fibers into the wound, reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Chemical-Free Fabric: Free from chemicals, ensuring safety for the patient and minimizing the risk of adverse reactions or sensitivities.
About the Seller
With a commitment to healthcare excellence, Aisa Medisales has swiftly become a trusted vendor in the industry. Our comprehensive product range ensures pharmacies and hospitals have access to a diverse array of quality pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. Known for reliability and efficiency, Aisa Medisales plays a pivotal role in supporting the healthcare infrastructure by providing timely and essential supplies, contributing to the well-being of communities served.
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