LG PuriCare™ 360° Single Air Purifier

Air Purifier Filter
Minimum Order: 5 units

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Infinity Electronics Appliances
Infinity Electronics Appliances
Product Highlights
  • 360˚ Purification
  • Clean Booster (up to 7.5m)
  • Multi-filtration System + Ionizer
  • Smart Sensor & Indicator
  • LG ThinQ™(Wifi)
About the Seller
Infinity Electronics Appliances was established in the year 2078 BS in the vibrant city of Pokhara-30. As a dedicated seller of LG home appliances products and a diverse range of electronic offerings from LG, we take pride in being your go-to destination for all your electronic and home appliance needs. Our commitment to delivering quality and innovation is unwavering, and we are deeply focused on ensuring customer satisfaction. At Infinity Electronics Appliances, we offer a wide selection of LG products, from cutting-edge smart TVs to energy-efficient kitchen appliances, to help you enhance your living spaces and modernize your daily routines. We are not just a seller but a trusted partner in elevating your home and lifestyle through the latest in LG technology.
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