STHIL Chain Saw MS-382

Petrol Chain Saw
Minimum Order: 15 units

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Shuva Pokhara Machinery Tools
Shuva Pokhara Machinery Tools

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Product Highlights
Power output3,9/5,3kW/PS
Saw Chain Pitch3/8 "
  • STIHL Anti-Vibration System: Reduces handle vibrations in power tools to protect users from long-term blood vessel damage.
  • STIHL Elasto Start: Minimizes shock during engine compression, making it easier on the user's joints and muscles during starting.
  • Tool-Free Fuel Caps: Special caps on fuel and oil tanks designed for easy opening and locking without the need for tools.
  • Manual Decompression: A valve that reduces compression pressure during startup, easing the effort required to pull the starter rope.
  • Compensator: Maintains consistent engine performance, exhaust quality, and fuel consumption over time, reducing the need for air filter cleaning.
  • STIHL Ematic-System: Precisely lubricates chainsaw chains and guide bar rails, reducing oil consumption by up to 50%.
  • Side-Mounted Chain Tensioning: Easily adjust chain tension without direct contact with the sharp chain through a side-mounted screw.
  • Single-Lever Master Control: Operate key functions like start, choke, throttle, and stop with a single lever.
  • Controlled-Delivery Oil Pump: Reduces chainsaw oil consumption by up to 50%, with the option to adjust oil volume based on specific cutting needs.
About the Seller
Shuva Pokhara Machinery Tools, located in Pokhara and established in the year 2067 B.S, has emerged as a trusted and reliable wholesaler of a diverse range of agricultural tools, machinery, and various other essential equipment. This thriving enterprise offers a wide selection of high-quality machinery items, including saws, compressors, Gardeners, pressure washers, and an array of other machinery tools. With a strong commitment to providing the local community with top-tier equipment, Shuva Pokhara Machinery Tools has become a prominent destination for farmers, industrialists, and homeowners alike. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction makes them an integral part of the Pokhara business landscape, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the region.
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