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Gurans Arts
Gurans Arts
Product Highlights
Laser Power100W
Type of LaserCo2 Laser
Cutting Speed0- 3600mm/min
Engraving Speed0- 6400mm/min
Control PanelRuida
Gross Power<2250W
Running Temperature0-45°C
Working Humidity5-95%
Effective Working Table1300× 900mm
  • Gurans CNC Laser Machine, designed for precision engraving, comprises a laser, controller, and surface.
  • Three engraving machine genres cater to different workpiece configurations: X-Y tables, cylindrical workpieces, and stationary setups with galvo mirrors.
  • The focal point of the laser beam, crucial for accuracy, ensures only a specific area of the surface is significantly affected.
  • Vaporization, heating, or fracturing of materials occurs based on the laser application.
  • Adequate ventilation is essential for fume and smoke removal during vaporization, and debris removal ensures continuous engraving.
  • Gurans CNC Laser Machine features a 1300*900 mm working table and a 100W Co2 laser (with other options available).
  • It offers cutting speeds up to 3600mm/min and engraving speeds up to 6400mm/min, with a working accuracy of 0.1mm and heavy precision of <0.01mm.
  • Operating in a broad temperature range (0-45°C) and varying humidity levels (5-95%), the machine supports multiple formats like PLT, DXF, BMP, AI, and DSP.
  • Compatible with software such as CorelDraw, Photoshop, and AutoCAD, it features a professional-focused laser head and a slice table or cellular platform.
  • The laser tube is a reliable 100W Co2 laser, and the control panel is powered by Ruida, ensuring extensive flexibility and longevity.
  • Equipped with tank chain control cards, Gurans CNC Laser Machine delivers high performance for precise and efficient laser engraving across diverse applications.
About the Seller
It is established With a commitment to quality and excellence, Guras Arts has become a trusted supplier in Nepal's industrial. The company's extensive inventory caters to diverse needs, From household machinery to industrial and construction related machinery.we ensure by providing cutting-edge solutions for various sectors. Leveraging their strategic location in Pokhara, Guras Arts efficiently delivers machinery items and CNC machines across Nepal, contributing significantly to the country's industrial growth. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and a wide product range positions them as a reliable partner in the machinery supply market.
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